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Trust the armed and unarmed security officers of King County Security Guards, LLC serving the Greater Seattle, Washington area for quality security services. We pride ourselves in vigorous and continuous security training for our dedicated team. Let us meet and greet your residents and guests while keeping your buildings and property safe. Our security company customizes our protection services to meet your needs.

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We're different than other security businesses. Our officers are not only trained in security details, but they are also equipped to provide superior customer service. We're committed to treating your customers, residents, guests or employees with respect and courtesy while providing excellent security tailored to your situation. Let us give you a bid on your armed and unarmed security needs.

WA State Licensing Classes
Washington State Requires any person who wants to become a licensed security guard to have an offer of employment and to receive pre-assignment training.  This class provides the pre-assignment training and subsequent testing in the following areas of required knowledge:

Security Officers & Special Ops Teams
Basic principles:

1.Basic role of the security guard.

2.Washington State licensing laws.


4.Proper actions, reactions, ethics and diversity.

5.Homeland Security – Terrorism and Surveillance.

Legal powers and limitations:
 1.Citizen arrest.
 2.Authority to detain, question, or search a private citizen.
 3.Authority to search or seize private property.
 4.Use of force.

 5.Building relationships with law  enforcement.
 6.Avoiding liability

You must bring your company's blank temporary license issued by the Dept of Licensing and a check or money order for $100.  We also accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

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